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Assemblymember Kalra, Priscilla Presley Celebrate ACR 86 Vote

For immediate release:


SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 86 passed the Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development by a vote of 12-0. ACR 86 enjoyed supportive testimony by actor and philanthropist, Priscilla Presley, and Social Compassion in Legislation’s Founder and President, Judie Mancuso.


“Our animal shelters are overpopulated and overwhelmed; the longer they operate beyond their normal capacity, the worse conditions will become for both their animals and the staff that care for them,” said Assemblymember Kalra. “While high-volume spay-and-neuter procedures are a simple, effective means of addressing this issue, many pet owners are unable to locate accessible and affordable surgical services for their animals. I am thankful ACR 86 has passed the Senate policy committee and will continue to encourage real, effective solutions for the pet overpopulation crisis.”


ACR 86 encourages a multi-pronged approach to the pet overpopulation crisis: it calls for the licensure of out-of-state veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians in the State of California, the development of facilities for spay-and-neuter surgeries, and a public campaign that urges Californians to adopt animals from shelters.


“I was proud to testify in support of ACR 86 today. Too many dogs and cats languish in our state’s shelters, often with very little interaction with other animals or loving, human companions. After solitude and suffering, those that are not adopted quickly are euthanized,” said Priscilla Presley. “This is a humane issue. We have a moral obligation to prevent harm to these animals, which have evolved and been bred to love us and rely on us.”


“I am thrilled with the affirmative vote for ACR 86 today,” said Judie Mancuso. “This resolution will help us reset the narrative on the overpopulation crisis; we need Californians to adopt from a shelter or rescue, we need to help families keep their furry loved ones in their homes and to stop overbreeding, and we need to provide accessible spay and neuter programs.”


“Our public shelters are filled with two distinct populations: the older, sicker animals people can no longer provide care for, and litters upon litters of kittens and puppies: the result of pandemic closures of low-cost spay and neuter clinics that have not been able to reopen at full capacity because of a shortage of veterinarians,” said Kenn Altine, CEO of Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). “We must invest in solutions–building and staffing regional spay and neuter centers, providing incentives for California vet school graduates to stay here, and attracting vets from other states.”


ACR 86 has received bipartisan support and is coauthored by Assemblymembers Boerner (D-Encinitas), Essayli (R-Corona), Santiago (D-Los Angeles), Waldron (R-Valley Center), Wallis (R-Bermuda Dunes), and Zbur (D-West Hollywood), and Senators Blakespear (D-Encinitas), Dodd (D-Napa), Limón (D-Santa Barbara), Ochoa Bogh (R-Yucaipa), Stern (D-Los Angeles), and Wilk (R-Santa Clarita).




Assemblymember Ash Kalra represents California’s 25th Assembly District, which encompasses the majority of San José, including downtown and open space areas in southeast Santa Clara County. He was first elected in 2016, becoming the first Indian American to serve in the California Legislature in state history, and was re-elected to his fourth term in 2022. Assemblymember Kalra is the Chair of the Committee on Labor and Employment and also serves as a member on the Housing and Community Development, Judiciary, Transportation, and Water, Parks, and Wildlife committees.