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2021 - 2022 Legislation

Introduced in 2021

AB 30 Access to Nature Act: Affirms access to nature for all Californians and directs state agencies to incorporate consideration of that right into investments and policies regarding nature access, especially for nature-deprived communities. Two-year bill currently in the Senate.

AB 256 Racial Justice Act for All: Ensures all Californians with prior, racially biased convictions and sentences have equal justice under the law. Two-year bill currently in the Senate.

AB 293 Preneed Funeral Trust Accounts: Provides consumer protections for unclaimed preneed funeral arrangements held in trust by a funeral establishment. Chaptered.

AB 323 Nursing Homes and LTC Facilities Accountability: Updates citation penalties and standards for negligent care to better safeguard and hold accountable troubled nursing homes. Chaptered.

AB 384 Veterinarian Recommendation and Cannabis for Animal-Use: Allows for veterinarians to inform pet owners on the use of cannabis for therapeutic or health supplementation for their pet. Inactive.

AB 403 Fair Access to College Textbooks Act: Adds consumer protection provisions to automatic billing agreements for instructional materials utilized by higher education institutions. Inactive.

AB 416 California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act: Ensures California is not contributing to tropical deforestation through its public procurement contracts. Vetoed.

AB 437 Subject Matter Teacher Credentialing: Grants flexibility for prospective teachers to demonstrate subject matter competency in the teacher credentialing process. Inactive.

AB 572 High Road Restaurants: Establishes a grant-based program to promote equity of income and career pathways in the restaurant industry. Inactive.

AB 610 Law Enforcement Mandate in Schools: Eliminates the requirement that schools notify law enforcement for certain student behavior and restores flexibility for educators. Inactive.

AB 655 California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform (CLEAR) Act: Requires law enforcement agencies to screen candidates for participation in a hate group or advocacy of public expressions of hate or violence. If a complaint alleging such conduct is filed against a peace officer, it would create grounds for an investigation that could result in disciplinary action. Two-year bill currently in the Senate.

AB 857 Farmworker Notice of Rights: Provides all H-2A farmworkers with notice of key state and federal employment rights. Two-year bill currently in the Senate.

AB 1192 Uplifting Employers that Advance Job Quality Act: Provides employer data metrics and rewards exemplary high road employers that provide their employees with quality pay, benefits, and upward mobility. Inactive. 

AB 1400 CA Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (CalCare): Sets in motion a single-payer health care coverage system in California. Inactive. 

AB 1506 Newspaper Carriers: Extends the sunset for newspaper carriers’ classification exemption and mandates key reporting requirements related to carrier wage rates and classification data. Chaptered.

Introduced in 2022

AB 98 Tied-House Advertising: Expands the existing “tied-house” law exemption for fully enclosed arenas in the City of San Jose to include the soon-to-be-opened, Tech CU Arena. 

AB 437 Actors: Restores actors’ ability to freely work by removing unfair restrictions from studio contracts.

AB 983 Recording Artists: Restores recording artists’ ability to freely work by removing unfair restrictions that only apply to record label contracts.

AB 1885 Veterinarian Recommendation and Cannabis for Animal-Use: Allows veterinarians to recommend cannabis for therapeutic use in animals, and requires the Veterinary Medical Board to create guidelines for such recommendations.

AB 1979 California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act: Ensures California is not contributing to tropical deforestation through its public procurement contracts.

AB 2095 Uplifting Employers that Advance Job Quality: Requires large employers to annually report critical data related to job quality, such as information on pay, advancement, and benefits to the Labor and Workforce Development Agency to reward exemplary high road employers.

AB 2114 California Pocket Forest Initiative: Establishes the California Pocket Forest Initiative, which will offer grants to counties, districts, cities, public schools and nonprofits so they can grow pocket forests on their public land.

AB 2167 Alternatives to Incarceration: Requires courts to consider alternatives to incarceration such as diversion programs, restorative justice, and probation, in sentencing decisions.

AB 2208 Fluorescent Lamps: Prohibits the sale of general-use compact fluorescent lamps in 2024, and general-use linear fluorescent lamps in 2025.

AB 2278 30x30: Requires the CA Natural Resources Agency to report to the Legislature on progress made toward achieving the state's conservation goals. 

AB 2300 CalWORKS & CalFresh: Expands good cause employment exemptions for CalWORKs and CalFresh recipients and ensures that recipients are made aware of their workplace rights.

AB 2418 District Attorney Reporting: Creates greater district attorney transparency by requiring district attorneys to collect and report data about their cases, including, but not limited to demographic information, geographical information about the alleged crime, and charging information.

AB 2441 Transit Workers: Requires transportation authorities to provide notice to public employees when new autonomous technology will be implemented and include transition aspects as subjects in collective bargaining.

AB 2504 Living Organ Donor Reimbursement Act: Establishes the Living Donor Reimbursement Program to allow living organ donors to recover up to $10,000 of out-of-pocket expenses incurred for the cost associated with organ donation.

AB 2524 VTA PERB Opt-In: Allows Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and their employee’s to opt-in to the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) jurisdiction to process outstanding Unfair Labor Practices (ULP).

AB 2624 Course Material Transparency: Requires and encourages public institutions of higher education to prominently display course material costs in the course schedule.

AB 2662 Department of Fair Employment and Housing: Clarifies the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) represents and acts in the public interest.

AB 2710 Tenant and Community Opportunity to Purchase Act: Establishes the Tenant/Community Opportunity to Purchase Act, which will create a right of first offer and right of first refusal to tenants, community land trusts, and mission-driven nonprofits to purchase or preserve it as affordable housing. 

AB 2763 Job Order Contracting: Authorizes the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to use job order contracting for typical work that may span over a two year contract.

AB 2844 Cannabis Catering Licenses: Authorizes the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) to create a cannabis catering license to allow licensees to serve cannabis or cannabis products at private events approved by a local jurisdiction.

ACA 11 Constitutional Amendment to Fund CalCare: Proposes for voter approval a package of taxes to fund a comprehensive universal single-payer health care coverage and a health care cost control system and addresses constitutional limitations.