ACA 5 Statement by Assemblymember Kansen Chu

Monday, June 15, 2020

As a lifetime member of the NAACP, an immigrant, and a strong and consistent supporter of communities of color, I fully acknowledge and understand the systemic racism that people of color face then and now. Recently, there was an English translated document of an article in the World Journal, which was originally written in Chinese, suggesting that I made racist comments related to ACA 5. The article was written with the reporter’s opinion and not direct quotes from me. World Journal has since committed to clarify that the words written were not reflective of what I said during the interview.

I unequivocally deny saying that Latinos do not value education. I did say that there are systemic barriers for Latinos and African American students. What was not said in the World Journal was that I said the solution would be more funding for schools serving underserved communities. My record on supporting education funding and progressive policies in support of minority communities have been strong and consistent. The translated version in English did not accurately reflect what was written in Chinese, which discussed the long-standing systemic racism in our country in addition to the need to make college more affordable to achieve true equality. Many underserved communities in my district will continue to have barriers to college unless we make higher education more affordable for all.

Over the course of ACA 5 going through the Assembly, I received close to 25,000 calls and emails opposing the legislation.