Voters Will Get a Chance To Abolish Spring Forward and Fall Back

Thursday, June 28, 2018


CONTACT: Katelin Van Deynze (916)-319-2025

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - The Governor signed AB 807 today, a bill placing an initiative on the November ballot to ask voters to consider eliminating the practice of switching our clocks twice a year.

In 1949, California voters passed Proposition 12 that conformed California to the federal guidelines to move clocks ahead one hour in the spring and one hour back in the fall. The November initiative will ask voters to repeal Proposition 12.

If the voters approve, they will authorize the Legislature to take action to eliminate the time switch and potentially move to Daylight Saving Time all year. To switch to Daylight Saving Time all year, California will need federal authorization.

“I am thrilled to hear Governor Brown has signed AB 807. This ballot initiative will give voters the opportunity to reconsider whether switching our clocks twice a year works for them and their families,” said Assemblymember Kansen Chu (Milpitas, D). “Voters spoke back in 1949 on this issue, and it is now time they take another look. Times have changed, and research is telling us that the practice of changing our clocks negatively affects our health and safety. As our governor said, fiat lux!”

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