Bill to Ask Voters to Eliminate the Switch of our Clocks Heads to the Governor’s Desk

Friday, June 22, 2018

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(SACRAMENTO, CA) - AB 807 was approved by the Assembly and is on its way to the Governor's Desk for signature.  This bill will place a proposition on the next statewide ballot asking voters if they would authorize the legislature to consider eliminating the practice of switching our clocks twice a year.

In 1949, California voters passed Proposition 12 that conformed California to the federal guidelines to move clocks ahead one hour in the spring and one hour back in the fall. If the bill is signed, a new ballot initiative would ask voters to repeal Proposition 12. Repealing Proposition 12 will authorize the Legislature to take action to eliminate the time switch and potentially move to Daylight Saving Time all year.  

“If approved by the Governor, voters will get to decide whether or not to eliminate the practice of switching our clocks twice a year,” said Assemblymember Kansen Chu (Milpitas, D). “We started this practice to conserve energy during wartime, but studies show that this is no longer the case. We are no longer saving energy, and studies have shown this practice increases risk of heart attacks, traffic accidents and crimes. It is time that we as a state reconsider whether this is still beneficial to our residents.”

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