Bills Introduced In 2018

Here are the bills I have introduced this year:

AB 807 (Quality of Life): This bill will ask the voters to give the State Legislature the authority to establish permanent daylight saving time.

AB 1395 (Freeway and Highway Clean up): This bill requires the California Department of Transportation to prioritize cleanup projects throughout the state so that our highways and freeways, the corridors to our district, are not littered with trash and debris.

AB 1757 (Hate Crimes): This bill requires that the front page of every incident and crime report to include a question whether a crime was bias (hate) – related.  While some police departments might already have this on their forms, it is not uniform across the state.

AB 1763 (Expanding Student Access to College and Career Preparedness): This bill requires that high school students take a course in college and career preparedness prior to graduation.  The required course would entail college options, career technical education and financial aid.  This would help provide crucial information to all students especially those that might not believe that college is financially feasible.

AB 1975 (Addressing Local Odor Issues): This bill establishes a formal stakeholder group to identify potential odor sources and address local odor issues.

AB 1978 (Expanding School Bus Safety): This bill requires that all school buses be equipped with seat belts by 2028 in order to ensure safe rides for all children to and from school.

AB 1992 (Helping Families Receiving CalWORKS):  This bill puts a stop to financially penalizing CalWORK recipients for not being able to provide proof of vaccination for their children and provides a pathway for families to access necessary vaccination.

AB 2022 (Mental Health Services for Students): This bill places at least one mental health professional in k-12 schools to expand access for children to mental health services.

AB 2068 (School Energy Savings): This provides a 35% discount on electricity for K-12 schools with a focus on schools with high percentage of ESL students, students from low-income families, and schools that generate some renewable energy onsite.  The savings would go back directly to schools to spend on students.

AB 2159 (Combating Elder Abuse):  This bill specifies that people who work for money wire transfer services are required to report elder financial abuse. 

AB 2299 (Language Access for Social Services): This bill ensures that materials sent to non-English speakers regarding Medi-Cal benefits are in their language to eliminate language barriers when accessing public programs.

AB 2388 (Protecting Children on Social Media): This bill ensures that child labor laws protect children employed by social media platforms such as Youtube.

AB 2501 (Helping Residents Serviced By Small Water Companies): This bill clarifies the state’s existing authority to mandate the consolidation of small water systems unable to provide clean drinking water . It also creates a process for residents to petition for consolidation if appropriate.

AB 2522 (Helping Those with Developmental Disabilities): This bill restores funding for Regional Centers that provide support to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

AB 2588 (Protecting Mobile Home Residents): This bill requires that mobile homes be equipped with longer lasting smoke detectors and make in-home safety inspection programs ran by the state more accessible.

AB 2800 (Protecting Student Athletes): This bill requires that school coaches take heat illness trainings in order to better assist students during trainings and events.

AB 3013 (Streamlining Processes for Animal Physical Therapists):  This bill allows animal physical therapists to operate independently of a veterinarian while retaining existing safeguards and guidelines to ensure injured animals are provided with proper care and treatment.