2018 Bills

AB 807 (Quality of Life): This bill will ask the voters to give the State Legislature the authority to establish permanent daylight saving time. (Signed by the Governor on June 28, 2018)

AB 1395 (Freeway and Highway Clean up): This bill requires the California Department of Transportation to prioritize cleanup projects throughout the state so that our highways and freeways, the corridors to our district, are not littered with trash and debris.

AB 1798 (Expanding School Bus Safety): This bill requires that all school buses be equipped with seat belts by 2035 in order to ensure safe rides for all children to and from school. (Signed by the Governor on August 27, 2018)

AB 1992 (Helping Families Receiving CalWORKS):  This bill provides a pathway for CalWORKs families to access necessary vaccination for their children and not get financially penalized for not meeting vaccination requirements.

AB 2022 (Mental Health Services for Students): This bill requires schools to notify students and parents at least twice a year on how to access available pupil mental health services on campus and in the community. (Signed by the Governor on September 18, 2018)

AB 2068 (School Energy Savings): This bill asks that the state evaluate whether or not it is feasible to establish a cheaper electric and gas rates for schools so that more funding can go to direct student services. (Signed by the Governor on August 27, 2018)

AB 2299 (Language Access for Social Services): This bill ensures that materials sent to non-English speakers regarding Medi-Cal benefits are in their language to eliminate language barriers when accessing public programs.

AB 2388 (Protecting Children on Social Media): This bill ensures that child labor laws protect children employed by social media platforms such as Youtube. (Signed by the Governor on September 5, 2018)

AB 2501 (Helping Residents Serviced By Small Water Companies): This bill ensures that small disadvantaged communities have access to clean drinking water. (Signed by the Governor on on September 28, 2018)

AB 2588 (Protecting Mobile Home Residents): This bill requires that mobile homes be equipped with longer lasting smoke detectors and provide emergency preparedness documents in different languages to ensure that mobile home residents understand life-saving information provided by park owners.

AB 2800 (Protecting Student Athletes): This bill requires that school coaches take heat illness trainings in order to better assist students during trainings and events. (Signed by the Governor on June 1, 2018)

AB 3088 (Senior Housing): This bill ensures that retirement facilities conduct long-term financial planning to protect senior residents from sharp fee increases that could create undue financial stress.