2020 Bills

AB 7: This bill sets California on Daylight Saving Time year-round if approved by federal government.

AB 8: This bill requires at least one mental health professional on all K-12 schools. Early intervention and prevention mental health services are crucial and schools have been identified as the optimal place to reach students.

AB 291: This bill provides reliable funding for emergency preparedness planning for cities.

AB 1838: This bill allows public school students to take an excused absence for behavioral health reasons in the same way that they can for physical health reasons.

AB 1844: This bill allows employees to use sick leave for behavioral health reasons in the same way that they can for physical health reasons.

AB 1915: This bill would ensures power shut off events are reasonable and justifiable and allows for the California Public Utilities Commission to require compensation to customers if the utility company did not follow proper rules and procedures.

AB 1916: This bill requires public utility  companies like PG&E survey their customers about which language they would like to receive information in, and require them to provide information to them in that language during  power shutoff events so everyone in our community can have up to date information. It also requires utility companies to survey customers with medical needs and provide accommodations to those customers during shutoff events.

AB 1963: This bill requires human resources employees and the direct supervisor of a person under the age of 18 to become a mandatory reporter of child abuse or neglect. This will increase protection for youth in the work place.

AB 2012: This bill requires transit agencies to offer free senior transit passes to persons over 65 years of age to ensure that seniors in our community have adequate transportation options.

AB 2110: This bill creates training materials and guidelines on how to prevent, recognize, and respond to hate and bias related events in K-12 schools.

AB 2366: This bill creates a pilot program that will place trauma, grief and loss specialists in school districts to provide students who are in need of services.

AB 2498: This bill requires a healthy air standard to be developed for K-12 students participating in sports. The new standard will help schools determine whether or not the air quality is safe for students to be practicing or competing outdoors.

AB 2538: This bill requires agents who represent professional athletes who are minors to be responsible for those minors’ safety both on and off the fields. Requirements could include ensuring that those minors are not put in situations where they can be harassed, taken advantage of or endangered.

AB 2375:This bill is a placeholder for legislation to increase penalties for committing smash and grabs that result in theft of personal electronic devices. These devices hold valuable personal and confidential information that can be irreplaceable.

AB 2843: This bill requires employers of large companies to share the costs of improving housing affordability in the cities in which they are located. Funding from large companies will go towards rent assistance programs, first time home owners programs, 100% affordable housing projects and hotel vouchers for those experiencing homelessness.

AB 2879: This bill requires a supplemental report with crucial information when a hate crime is committed. Prosecution related to hate crimes are low and supplemental reports will help gather more information that could help when press charges and increase the chances of prosecution.

AB 2882: This bill requires private and charter schools to go through the same public health and safety review as public schools in order to ensure the wellbeing of students.

AB 2988: This bill increases the option to build more supportive housing with wrap around services for those experiencing homelessness and /or disabilities.

AB 3058: This bill requires secured storage of firearms when left unattended in a vehicle.