2019 Bills

AB 7 (Daylight saving time): This bill sets California on Daylight Saving Time year-round pending on the waiver granted by the federal government.

AB 8 (Pupil health: mental health professionals): This bill requires at least one mental health professional at all K-12 schools and establishes a ratio of one mental health professional per every 400 students with flexibility to smaller schools with less than 400 students. Early intervention and prevention mental health services are crucial and schools have been identified as the optimal place to reach students.

AB 267 (Employment of infants: entertainment industry): This bill requires any infant under one year old to be cleared by a pediatrician before being able to be employed by any part of the entertainment industry. Currently, this important protection only exists for infants working in motion pictures. (Signed by the Governor on September 12, 2019)

AB 283 (Repeal CalWORKs Penalties): This bill removes financial penalties placed on families receiving CalWORKs benefits. These financial penalties hold CalWORKs families to a separate standard and push them further into poverty.  

AB 291 (Emergency preparedness): This bill would establish an on-going a statewide Local Emergency Preparedness and Hazard Mitigation Fund to support staffing, planning, and other emergency mitigation priorities to help local governments meet emergency preparedness goals and boost programs throughout the state that remain underfunded or neglected.

AB 300 (Hate crime and incident reporting): This bill requires law enforcement agencies’ informational, incident, and crime reports to include a checkbox indicating whether the case at hand is a hate incident or hate crime. It would also require a supplemental report to be filed with each incident and crime in order to increase prosecution rate and improve state statistics on hate crimes.

AB 301 (Hate crimes): This bill will implement the recommendations of the 2018 State Audit Report on Hate Crimes.

AB 318 (Medi-Cal materials: readability): This bill requires certain translated materials released by Medi-Cal to be tested for accuracy, cultural appropriateness, and readability.

AB 338 (Manufactured housing: smoke alarms: emergency preparedness): This bill updates smoke detector requirements to the latest State Fire Marshal standard and requires mobilehome parks’ emergency preparedness plans to be made available annually and in different languages. (Signed by the Governor on September 20, 2019)

AB 398 (School accountability: local control and accountability plans): This bill evaluates the current art curriculum availability across the state and disparities of art education offered regionally.

AB 508 (Drinking water: administrator: consolidation and extension of service): This bill expands access to clean and reliable drinking water. (Signed by the Governor on September 27, 2019)

AB 600 (Regional planning): This bill directs localities to implement current plan to extend services to adjacent unincorporated disadvantaged communities. (Signed by the Governor on October 8, 2019)

AB 680 (Public safety dispatchers: mental health training): This bill requires that emergency dispatchers are trained on crisis intervention and mental health identification in order to dispatch the appropriate trained professionals to assist and de-escalate the incident.

AB 688 (Firearms: vehicle storage): Currently, handguns in an unattended vehicle need to be stored in a lockbox. This bill requires that the lockbox is secured to the vehicle in order to prevent theft and unauthorized usage and expands the requirement to all firearms.

AB 729 (Carpet recycling: carpet stewardship organizations: succession: procedure): This bill allows CalRecycle to take over carpet recycling program planning if manufacturers fail to meet the goals under AB 1158. (Signed by the Governor on october 9, 2019)

AB 800 (Civil actions: confidentiality): This bill allows people in the Safe At Home program (survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking) to seal court petition filings to keep their addresses private on court documents that are public. (Signed by the Governor on October 2, 2019)

AB 808 (Vehicles: wiper-activated headlamps): It is currently the law that a driver turn on their lights when the windshield wipers are in use.  This bill requires automakers to ensure that if wipers are on, the headlights should automatically turn on. If passed, this bill will increase safety for drivers and reduce traffic accidents when weather conditions are bad.

AB 1052 (Peace officer training: hate crimes): This bill requires all peace officers in California to undergo hate crime training by January 1, 2020. AB 1052 will also require all peace officers to take refresher courses every 3 years to keep apprised of current law and policies.

AB 1107 (Workers’ compensation: medical treatment): This bill ensures that injured workers receive prompt medical examinations, diagnosis, and reasonable and necessary treatment for work-related injuries and receive the benefits ruled on in a timely manner.

AB 1235 (Homeless youth prevention centers): This bill allows youth to stay longer and receive necessary services at shelters for children who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. (Signed by the Governor on September 26, 2019

AB 1518 (Student athletes: contracts): This bill will conform California law to a recent National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) ruling that allows a small number of elite athletes to obtain agents as their representative while submitting for a professional draft. AB 1518 would also allow these student athletes to submit to the draft and return to play NCAA sports if not selected. (Signed by the Governor on September 4, 2019)

ACA 10 (Members of the Assembly: terms of office): This bill will extend term limits for Assemblymembers from 2 years to 4 years in order to provide more time to serve constituents and less time campaigning.  This is a good governance proposal and will be very beneficial for all Californians.